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Conditions applicable to Broadband ADSL2+

These conditions are in addition to the Eftel Standard Form of Agreement.

  1. When the no contract option is selected, relocation, connection, reconnection or transfer from another provider will incur a New Line Activation fee of $69.00.
  2. A maximum $350.00 termination fee applies to customers who terminate a 24 month contract before the end of the contracted period.
  3. If your Internet access price includes a discount for using our Speak telephone service, that discount will no longer apply if you transfer any part of your Speak service to another supplier.
  4. All ADSL2+ plans must be paid via Eftel's auto-payment method. This free service saves you time and money by ensuring that your account is automatically paid on the due date via your nominated bank account or credit card.
  5. Your Internet speed will be reduced to 256Kbps once plan shaping points are reached within each billing period.
  6. ADSL2+ Speeds - Eftel provides ADSL2+ services with download speeds of up to 24Mbps. Theoretically, ADSL2+ services have a maximum achievable speed of 24576/1024Kbps. The actual speed of your service will depend upon a number of things, such as the distance between your premises and the telephone exchange, the quality of the copper telephone wires in your area, network load and your computer hardware. View the complete list of factors affecting the actual speed.
  7. If you do not pay your account in full by the due date, we may suspend, restrict or terminate all services in your name. We may charge $99 to reconnect a disconnected ADSL service.
  8. All Plans aresubject to our Acceptable Use Policy
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