Eftel Duo Plans

Eftel Duo Plans

Monthly price
Data (up/down)
Line rental
Duo Ultimate $79.95 Unlimited Included Unlimited standard calls* No shaping Critical
Duo Unlimited $69.95 Unlimited Included Pay-as-you-go No shaping Critical
Duo Lite $49.95 10GB

Cost of data is $0.005 per MB
Usage Equivalent

Included Unlimited standard calls* Shaped at 256kbps Critical
Duo10 $39.95 10GB

Cost of data is $0.004 per MB
Usage Equivalent

Included Pay-as-you-go Shaped at 256kbps Critical

Note: The above listed plans may not be available in all locations and availability will be confirmed at sign-up.

* Applies to unlimited local, national and Australian mobile calls. Excludes 13/1300 (charged at $0.44 per call) and satellite numbers. View more information at the speak product page

Call 1300 780 421 to sign up

Contract Options

Plan Contract Period Set-up Fee Minimum Cost Termination Fees
Duo Ultimate 12 months $69.00
$959.40 Capped at a maximum of $350
24 months $0 $1918.80
Duo Lite 12 months $69.00 $599.40 Capped at a maximum of $350
24 months $0 $1198.80
Plan Name(s) Local/National/Aus. Mobile Call Rates International Call Rates
Duo Ultimate speak international
Duo Lite speak international

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Speak Home Phone Service

For more information, please view our great value Speak home phone services.

ADSL hardware

To use your broadband service, you will require an ADSL modem. You have the option of purchasing an Eftel modem or supplying your own.

A $15.95 Hardware delivery fee applies.

Other conditions

On our Duo Lite ADSL plan the cost of data is $0.005 per MB. For the purposes of calculating included data, 1GB = 1024MB. Once you have used your plan data allowance, we will shape your speed as shown above until the start of your next billing cycle.

The actual speed of your service will depend upon a number of things, such as the distance between your premises and the telephone exchange, the quality of the copper telephone wires in your area, network load and your computer hardware. All plans are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy.

View the complete list of factors affecting the actual speed.


For more information, please review Eftel's ADSL2+ plan conditions and Customer Service Guarantee.

Duo Plans Technical Support

Eftel acts as a reseller of Telstra fixed line and DSL broadband services. Eftel is responsible in supplying these services to our customers and we have no other affiliation or relationship with our wholesalers outside of our wholesale agreements.

Some existing customers may be on Optus network. This can be confirmed by Customer Service on 1300 550 550.

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