Fast Churn

What is 'fast churn'?

Correctly called the DSL transfer process, the fast churn process occurs where participating ISPs are able to quickly transfer one customer to another without considerable downtime and for a fraction of the cost of a new connection.

Before the release of the churn process, customers had to cancel their service with one provider and wait for the cancellation to take effect before signing up with another provider. This could result in an extended period of time where customers were not connected to the Internet.

The good news is that Eftel a participant in the fast churn process, so as long as your provider participates as well, switching to Eftel will be quick and easy.

Churn benefits

  • Quick and easy - one call to us to confirm your requirements and we’ll take care of the rest. Alternatively, you can complete our on-line form or download a printable copy and send it in to us. There is no need to cancel the service with your existing provider.
  • Virtually no downtime - as your Eftel service is activated the other is disconnected.

Churn Checklist

The following conditions MUST be met in order to churn to Eftel:

  • The same telephone number must be used to transfer the ADSL service.
  • An active ADSL connection must be currently attached to the telephone number for transfer of the service.
  • Customers must not have already cancelled their service with their current provider.
  • We have received confirmation of your request.

Your obligations to your current provider

It is your responsibility to check whether or not you are still under any agreements or contracts with your existing provider, prior to churning your service to Eftel. You may incur exit fees, contract fees or some other type of charges for leaving your current provider. Any fees or charges that you incur will be your responsibility.

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