Benefits of Dial-up

Some of the benefits of Eftel dial-up include:

  • cost-effective compared to other forms of Internet access
  • can be used from anywhere in Australia that has access to a telephone line
  • if you move around, dial-up access can follow you with no additional cost

It is suitable for sending and receiving e-mail and occasional web site viewing. Dial-up access does have its limitations, and has been superseded by ADSL broadband in recent times.

When dial-up may not be the best option

Due to the slow speed of dial-up downloads and uploads - multimedia applications (video streaming, sound & vision, graphics), large images, graphic intensive web sites and large files - can take a long time to load and view. Quite often video streaming will be impossible to view. Therefore, if you are viewing a lot of websites or graphics or require a higher speed for downloads, then broadband ADSL would be a better option. More information on Eftel's Broadband ADSL plans.

Eftel - More than broadband

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