Speak - Terms & Conditions

These conditions are in addition to the standard Eftel terms & conditions.

  1. Your Speak service includes fixed-line rental and common call types such as:
    • national long distance
    • international
    • fixed line to mobile
    • untimed local calls
    • calls to numbers beginning with 1800, 1300 and 13
    • calls to premium rate services
    • directory assistance.
  2. Local calls are untimed and billed on a per call basis. Timed calls[b1] are billed in 30 second blocks.
  3. Our advertised call prices do not apply to calls that you place via another supplier by using an override code (a special number that you dial prior to the number that you are calling). If you use an override code, we may bill you the amount that the other supplier charges us for that call, plus a service fee.
  4. Our advertised call prices apply only once your service is fully transferred to us. In the meantime, your previous supplier may charge us instead of you for some of your calls. We will include those charges on your bill.
  5. Call prices may change without notice[b3]. You can check current prices by visiting our website.
  6. If you transfer your telephone service to us from another supplier, your new service may also include some additional services previously provided by the other supplier e.g. silent number. If you no longer wish to receive these additional services, please let us know. Charges will apply for the period during which we provide those services.
  7. If you request additional features with your telephone service, those features may not be available until several working days after your service has commenced.
  8. To reconnect an existing phone line the cost is $59.00. To connect a telephone line where a technician is required to reattach existing cabling, the cost is $125.00 for the first service and $75.50 for additional services. For new telephone line connections and cable work, the cost is $299.00 for the first service and $179.00 for additional services. The actual cost will be determined by the technician. 
  9. If you do not pay your account in full by the due date, we may suspend, restrict or terminate all services in your name. If we do this, we may also charge you a $100 disconnection fee. Disconnection will also affect your ADSL service. We may charge $99 to reconnect a disconnected ADSL service.
  10. If you call our Speak fault reporting service outside our normal office hours for a query not related to a telephone service fault, we may charge you $99[b4]. Our telephone system will warn you beforehand and provide you with an opportunity to end the call without incurring any charge.
  11. Speak@home services are not available on registered business phone lines. If your phone is deemed to be a business line, we will transfer your connection to the speak@work premium service.
  12. The Internet access price, where applicable, includes a discount as a benefit for using our Speak telephone service. If you transfer any part of your Speak service to another supplier, that discount will no longer apply.
  13. The monthly speak price includes a $3.00 per month discount for using Eftel's convenient auto-payment service which will automatically debit your bank account or credit card each month on the due date. You must pay your bill via the auto-payment method if you wish to receive this discount. This free service saves you time and money by ensuring that your account is automatically paid on the due date.
  14. You must give us at least 1 calendar month’s notice if you wish to cancel the service.
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