Moving to e-mail only invoice policy

Eftel are moving to an e-mail only invoice policy. Many Eftel retail broadband customers have already elected for e-mail only invoicing and this has improved the efficiency of our billing process, so we have decided to make this standard policy providing continuity across all broadband services.

How does this affect me?

  • You will no longer receive a printed invoice which is posted to your account billing address.
  • Your invoice will be e-mailed to your billing e-mail address and available to download through MyAccount.

How will I be notified?

  • Customers will be notified of the new e-mail only invoice policy by e-mail, to their current contact e-mail address.
  • If a customer hasn't provided an active contact e-mail address, they will be prompted to add a new contact e-mail address when they login to their Eftel broadband service.

What action do I need to take?

Once your receive the e-mail;

  1. Click on the link in the e-mail to go to your unique e-mail confirmation page.
  2. Review the contact e-mail address we currently have on record for you carefully, making sure there are no spelling mistakes.
  3. If you confirm the address without making any changes, no further action is required on your part.
  4. If you edit the e-mail address or add a new one, a confirmation e-mail is then sent to the e-mail address you have specified.
  5. You then need to click on that confirmation e-mail to validate your new e-mail address. The process will not be complete until you have confirmed your new e-mail address.

Payment Terms

Eftel's payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice. Late payment fees may apply and Eftel reserves the right to suspend services for overdue accounts. If you pay by Direct Debit and a credit has been raised on your account after the invoice is generated and before the due date the amount that is debited will be the balance owing minus the credit amount.

One easy-to-read bill for all your services

Eftel offers the convenience of a single monthly invoice for all of your services. If you are receiving more than one bill per month, and would like to combine them, please e-mail us at, and advise us of the account numbers of the services that you would like to combine. We can only combine accounts that are in the same name.

When to expect your invoice

We will normally produce your invoice about 14 days before the due date.

Customers will receive a copy of their invoice by e-mail.

If you are not receiving e-mailed invoices, it is likely that we do not have your current e-mail address. You could also be missing out on other important information about your Eftel services. If so, please e-mail us at to advise us of your correct e-mail address.

If you pay your account using Eftel auto-pay

If you have arranged automatic payments with us, we will send your invoice by e-mail. You will no longer receive a copy in the post. We will e-mail your invoice approximately 7 days before the payment is deducted from your nominated account, so you have plenty of time to contact us with any billing inquiries.

Viewing your e-mailed invoice

Your e-mailed invoice is delivered as an attached PDF file. We use the PDF format because it allows us to deliver an electronic invoice that looks exactly the same as the paper one.

To view your e-mailed invoice, you need to have a PDF viewer. If you have a Mac, a PDF viewer is built in. If you are using Windows, you may need to download and install one. You only need to do this once. There are two options:

We suggest Foxit Reader as it is small (and quick to download) and fast. It is also a good option if for some reason Adobe Reader does not work correctly on your computer.

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