Multiple Numbers

These details are for a Type 1 phone service. What type of service do I have?

Multiple Number allows you to tailor your telephone to your household's requirements. With Multiple Number, you can do any or all of the following:

  • have a second phone number assigned to your phone line
  • allocate a distinctive ring tone to the second phone number
  • charge particular calls to the second number


  • This feature requires a distinctive ring compatible phone
  • Outbound calls and charges default to the first number unless you have used a prefix that allocates the call and associated charges to the second number
  • The Call Waiting and Call Back features are still functionable
  • The Calling Number Display feature will still function however the number for which the call was intended will be unknown


Making Calls

By default, all outbound calls will go out via and be charged to the primary phone number. If you would like a selected call to go out via and be charged to the second number, follow these instructions:

Via the 2nd number

  • Pick up the Handset
  • *
  • 1
  • 1
  • *
  • 2
  • #
  • Wait for Dial Tone
  • Phone Number
  • Hang up

Features on the 2nd number

If you would like to use Call Barring, Call Back and/or Call Forwarding on the second number, please dial

  • *
  • 11
  • *
  • 2
  • #
and wait for the dial tone and follow the relevant feature's instructions.


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