Silent Number

These details are for a Type 1 phone service. What type of service do I have?

This feature helps to protect your privacy by allowing you to make outbound calls without displaying your number. Furthermore, your phone number is not listed in directory services such as Whitepages.


Your number will always be displayed in the following cases:

  • Calls to emergency service number (000)
  • When you send text messages from your phone (a requirement of international SMS standards)
  • When you dial a network override code to use another provider for a particular call
  • Internet Dial-up calls to ISPs that utilise a Telstra ISDN facility or a 0198307 or 198308 access number. However, this only applies if the ISP uses Call Line Identification for fraud protection, billing and/or call/credit management
  • If the number is already listed in the physical version of a phone directory such as the Whitepages, it can not be deleted. The number will be excluded in the next version
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