Dial-up related FAQs

Q:What is Eftel's national dial-up number?

A:0198 380 600

Q: How do I find out if Eftel's dial-up number is a local call charge?

A: We are unable to check on your behalf if it will be a local call charge. We recommend contacting your telephone provider to confirm the call charges. The following numbers can be used to check call costs with various Telcos.

  • AAPT: 13 88 86
  • Optus: 1300 300 937
  • Primus: 1300 303 438
  • Telstra: 1300 362 162

Q: Why does my modem disconnect when I check my e-mail with MS Outlook?

A: There is a setting in Outlook which causes this problem

Q: Why is my connection so slow?

A: There are many factors that can cause a dial-up connection to perform slower then it normally would. If your computer has any form of [[link(Virus, Spyware, Adware)]], these programs will use your Internet connection in the back ground and slow things down. Using long telephone extension cables can increase noise and interference on the telephone line, lowering the speed your modem is able to connect at.

Q: Why do I receive a bad username/password error when trying to connect?

A: Make sure both your username and password are spelt correctly. Make sure caps lock is not on. If your account has been suspended due to a payment not being received it will generate this error. Your username should be in e-mail address format: username@eftel.com . Our system only allows one login per customer, if you are trying to login multiple computers at once you will get this error.

Q: Why do I receive a 'no dial tone' error when trying to connect?

A: This error is caused when your modem is unable to detect a dialtone on the phoneline. Check that your phoneline is securely plugged into both the modem and wall socket. Test a normal telephone handset on the phoneline cable thats normally connected to the modem.

Q: Why does Windows show my connection speed as 115200 when I have a 56k or 33k modem?

A: Windows is referring to the port speed between your modem and computer, rather then the speed your connected to the Internet. If you want to display your true connection speed, try adding 'w2'.

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