Support related FAQs

Q: My computer has been formatted, how do go about setting it up again to connect to the Internet?

A: We can walk you through setting up your computer to connect in a few minutes over the phone. Give support a call.

Q: My Printer/Scanner/Mobile Phone/keyboard is broken, can you help me?

A: Our helpdesk can only provide support for services that we sell that relate to Internet and E-mail connectivity. Any issues with your hardware will need to be followed up by a technician.

Q: I have an ADSL Router that I did not purchase through Eftel, will you help me configure it?

A: Our helpdesk will do our best to support setting up most Australian ADSL modems, but we only officially support modems sold by us. We do not support any advanced features of ADSL Routers besides setting them up to connect.

Q: My wireless network has stopped working how can I access the Internet?

A: We cannot provide any support for wireless networks, In this scenario we would ask your to plug your computer directly into your ADSL Router to get the Internet connection working again.

Q: I want to use my Personal Webspace to make a website, what do I do?

A: We can give you the settings to access your webspace and assist in uploading it via FTP, however we cannot support for website development.

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