Payment and Debit collection processes

Here at Eftel we like to give you the freedom to choose how you pay, all we ask is that you pay your invoice by the due date to avoid any late payment fees.

Time to Pay

Eftel's payment Terms are 14 days from the date of invoice. Late payment fees will apply if you don't pay your account by the due date and Eftel reserves the right to suspend services
for overdue accounts.

Obligation to Pay

When you sign up for a specific Service with us, there will be terms and conditions relating to that specific Service including details of the contract period and specific pricing details. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also agree that you have an obligation to pay for that service. Under this obligation you agree to pay for your services within the payment terms and accept that failure to pay may result in late payment fees or service restrictions.

Pro-Rata Fees

Pro-rata refers to being charged a proportion of a fee on your bill. Pro-rata may appear on your first invoice or if you ask us for a new service mid-way through a billing cycle it will also appear on your next invoice. Pro-rata is calculated based on the number of days between your activation date and the date of your actual billing cycle (inclusive). For example, if your invoice cycle runs from the 25th of one month until the 24th of the following month, and we provide you with a new service from the 10th of August, you would be invoiced pro-rata fees from 10 August to 24 August, and in advance fees from 25 August to 24 September. These fees would then appear on the invoice that we generate soon after your billing period ends on 24 August.

Overdue Accounts

Late payment fees will be charged each month for any Eftel accounts not paid by the due date. In addition to charging late payment fees Eftel also reserves the right to restrict, suspend or disconnect services where payment has not been received. Eftel contacts any customer who has an overdue account of 7+ days and will send regular alerts if payment is not received. Alerts may be sent by email, SMS or post or any combination of these.

Financial Assistance

Eftel has a financial hardship policy to assist customers suffering financial hardship to discharge their financial obligations to Eftel over a period of time. View our Financial Hardship Policy.

Payment Arrangements/Part Payment

Eftel we may assist customers with reaching reasonable payment arrangements, taking into account each customer's individual circumstances. The basic principle of any payment arrangement is to ensure a customer's debt reduces at a reasonable level over time. If you are unable to pay your account by the due date and would like to discuss a payment arrangement with us please contact us directly on 1300 550 550.

If you don't pay all amounts you owe by the date the payment is due, we will charge you a late fees. In addition to charging late payment fees Eftel reserves the right to suspend services for overdue accounts and hand your account to a collections agency.

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